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Sara's Children in the News

Sara's Children in the News

Helen talking on Orion

This broadcast appeared on Czestochowa’s television station June 14, 2013:

Kielce Daily Newspaper

Kielce’s daily newspaper

This article appeared in Kielce’s daily newspaper, EchoDnia on June 16, 2013:  

Gazeta News

The Gazeta Czestochowa

This article appeared in Czestochowa’s daily newspaper, The Gazeta Czestochowa on June 17, 2013:,48725,14115982,W_czasie_wojny_pracowala_w_fabryce_smierci__Teraz.html


Sara's Children

The Times of Israel

This article appeared in The Times of Israel, an online newspaper on July 2, 2013:

Florida Heritage interviews Sara's Children

The Florida Heritage

This article appeared in The Florida Heritage on July 12, 2013:

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